Jewelry Creation & Repairs

Our Atelier


riginal work, whether it’s an intricate gold bracelet, a diamond and platinum engagement ring, or a hand-engraved cipher, is made on site in our workshop. Our gemologist, goldsmiths, model makers and engravers employ old world techniques coupled with state-of-the art equipment in our Jewelry workshops. The services of our Margulis Workshop are extensive. Securing stones in their setting, making certain a ring is properly fitted, or making repairs on a bracelet, pin, or necklace with special attention to delicate clasps are integral to our responsibilities.

Should you have jewelry in need of repairs, stones that need to be examined, or watches needing attention, these are also the experts who will respectfully attend to your pieces; Your jewelry will never part from our premises.

Master Jewelers


Master Jeweler Mark LaJoie has been creating jewelry for 47 years.

My breadth of experience comes from a continual practiced knowledge that has been updated, refined, interwoven, and perfected over the last 47 years…Mark LaJoie

He began in Connecticut during high school, at a part-time job in a high end trade shop surrounded by master craftsman from all over the world.
There, he learned from the best masters who possessed the utmost knowledge and passion for the art. This captivated his imagination to pursue the highest standards in jewelry and design which continues to this day.

In 2011, against world entries, he was chosen as “Designer of the Year” by an international publication. Follow the story on the Oregonian and JCK